Live Streaming Producer

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Work type: Full time
Location: Hong Kong SAR
Categories: Commercial

Job Responsibilities:

Hosts Selection:

  • Digging deep into the company’s potential host, through generous resources, benefits, promotion channels and a full range of publicity and recruitment, to find ways to attract outstanding host to join, including but not limited to professionals in the field of aviation and individuals with potential influence, to ensure that the hosts are diverse, covering different fields, specialities and fan groups, to meet the needs of different users.

Hosts Management Framework Construction:

  • According to the live streaming operation needs to establish efficient and flexible hosts management mechanism, to ensure seamless management of hosts and account operation.
    • Unified Management Section: Integration of the company’s existing live streaming operation and hosts management functions to manage the relevant personnel. In the early stage of the work, through the secondment of exchanges and other means, gradually set up the company level hosts management organization.
    • Clear Management: manage the hosts position as the main job, and responsible for the hosts career planning and effective incentives.
    • Develop clear IP protection agreements to ensure the long-term relationship and rights of the company and the hosts.
    • Develop Hosts Incentive System: Including but not limited to sales commission, benefits, etc., effectively balance the cost at the same time, maximize the enthusiasm and creativity of the hosts.
  • Live Streaming Topic Selection and Content Planning:
    • Combined with the current market development trend, responsible for the live event topic selection planning group, tone control, program data collection, content writing, ensure implementation, optimize efficiency to provide a variety of topics for the live program.
    • Manage the day-to-day operations of the studio, supervise equipment, and ensure that live events are run properly and consistently.


Job Requirements:

  • Minimum 2-year experience on reporting or media industry. Fresh Graduates who is operating social media channels are also welcome;
  • Good appearance and temperament, cheerful, like to talk;
  • Clear logic, strong expression skills, high emotional intelligence, have a certain degree of ability to control the scene;
  • Knowledge of the live streaming industry and experience in hosts operations and business is preferred;
  • Clear mindset, good communication and presentation skills, able to communicate and interact effectively with the audience. Good at discovering and developing hosts;
  • Strong resilience, able to calmly handle all kinds of emergencies during the live streaming; and
  • Self-motivated, good at communicating and collaborating with others, and able to accept a certain intensity of work pressure.

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